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Textile Testing Instruments

  • YY6 Light 6 Source Color Assessment Cabinet

    YY6 Light 6 Source Color Assessment Cabinet

    I. Descriptions

    Color Assessment Cabinet,suitable for all industries and applications where there is a need to maintain color consistency and quality-e.g. Automotive,Ceramics, Cosmetics, Foodstuffs,Footwear, Furniture, knitwear, Leather, Ophthalmic, Dyeing, Packaging, Printing, Inks and Textile.

    Since different light source has different radiant energy,when they arrive on the surface of an article,different colors display.With regard to color management in industrial production,when a checker has compared the color consistence between products and examples, but there may exist difference between light source used here and light source applied by the client.In such condition, color under different light source differs. It always brings following issues: Client makes complaint for color difference even requires for rejection of goods, seriously damaging company credit.

    To resolve the above problem,the most effective way is to check good color under same light source .For example,international Practice applies Artificial Daylight D65 as standard light source for checking goods color.

    It`s very important to use standard light source to chenk color difference in night duty.

    Besides D65 light source ,TL84,CWF, UV, and F/A light sources are available in this Lamp Cabinet for metamerism effect.


  • YY215C Water Absorption Tester For Nonwovens & Towels

    YY215C Water Absorption Tester For Nonwovens & Towels

    Instrument use:

    The water absorption of towels on skin, dishes and furniture surface is simulated in real life to test

    its water absorption, which is suitable for the test of water absorption of towels, face towels, square

    towels, bath towels, towelettes and other towel products.

    Meet the standard:

    ASTM D 4772-97 Standard Test Method for Surface Water Absorption of Towel Fabrics (Flow Test Method),

    GB/T 22799-2009 “Towel product Water absorption test Method”

  • YY605A Ironing Sublimation Color Fastness Tester

    YY605A Ironing Sublimation Color Fastness Tester

    Instrument use:

    Used for testing the color fastness to ironing and sublimation of various textiles.



    Meet the standard:

    GB/T5718, GB/T6152, FZ/T01077, ISO105-P01, ISO105-X11 and other standards.


  • YY1006A Tuft Withdrawal Tensometer

    YY1006A Tuft Withdrawal Tensometer

    Instrument use:

    It is used to measure the force required to pull a single tuft or loop from a carpet, i.e. the binding force between the carpet pile and the backing.



    Meet the standard:

    BS 529:1975 (1996), QB/T 1090-2019, ISO 4919 Test method for pulling force of carpet pile.


  • YY1004A Thickness meter Dynamic Loading

    YY1004A Thickness meter Dynamic Loading

    Instrument use:

    Method for testing thickness reduction of a blanket under dynamic load.


    Meet the standard:

    QB/T 1091-2001, ISO2094-1999 and other standards.


    Product features:

    1. The sample mounting table can be quickly loaded and unloaded.

    2. The transmission mechanism of the sample platform adopts high-quality guide rails

    3. Color touch screen display, control, Chinese and English interface, menu operation mode.

    4. The core control components are composed of a multifunctional motherboard using a 32-bit single-chip computer of YIFAR Company.

    5. The instrument is equipped with safety cover.

    Note: Thickness measuring device can be upgraded to share with digital carpet thickness meter.

  • YY1000A Thickness Meter Static Loading

    YY1000A Thickness Meter Static Loading

    Instrument use:

    Suitable for thickness testing of all woven carpets.


    Meet the standard:

    QB/T1089, ISO 3415, ISO 3416, etc.


    Product features:

    1, imported dial gauge, precision can reach 0.01mm.

  • YYT-6A  Dry Cleaning Test Machine

    YYT-6A Dry Cleaning Test Machine

    Meet the standard:

    FZ/T01083, FZ/T01013, FZ80007.3, ISO3175-1, ISO3175-2, ISO3175-3, ISO3175-5, ISO3175-6, AATCC158, GB/T19981.1 ~ 3 and other standards.


    Intruments Features:

    1.Environmental protection: the mechanical part of the whole machine is customized, the pipeline

    uses seamless steel pipe, fully sealed, environmentally friendly, the washing liquid

    circulation purification design, the outlet activated carbon filtration, in the test process does

    not emit waste gas to the outside world (waste gas is recycled by activated carbon).

    2.The use of Italian 32-bit single-chip microcomputer control, LCD Chinese menu, program

    controlled pressure valve, multiple fault monitoring and protection device, alarm warning.

    3.Large screen color touch screen display operation, workflow dynamic icon display.

    4. The contact liquid part is made of stainless steel, independent additive liquid tank, metering

    pump program-controlled replenishment.

    5. Built-in 5 sets of automatic test program, programmable manual program.

    6. Can edit the washing program.

  • YY832 Multifunctional Sock Stretching Tester

    YY832 Multifunctional Sock Stretching Tester

    Applicable standards:

    FZ/T 70006, FZ/T 73001, FZ/T 73011, FZ/T 73013, FZ/T 73029, FZ/T 73030, FZ/T 73037, FZ/T 73041, FZ/T 73048 and other standards.



    Product features:

    1.Large screen color touch screen display and control, Chinese and English interface menu-type operation.

    2. Delete any measured data and export the test results to EXCEL documents for easy connection

    with the user’s enterprise management software.

    3.Safety protection measures: limit, overload, negative force value, overcurrent, overvoltage protection, etc.

    4. Force value calibration: digital code calibration (authorization code).

    5. (host, computer) two-way control technology, so that the test is convenient and fast, the test results are rich and diverse (data reports, curves, graphs, reports).

    6. Standard modular design, convenient instrument maintenance and upgrade.

    7. Support online function, test report and curve can be printed out.

    8. One total of four sets of fixtures, all installed on the host, can complete the socks straight extension and horizontal extension of the test.

    9. The length of the measured tensile specimen is up to three meters.

    10. With socks drawing special fixture, no damage to the sample, anti-slip, the stretching process of the clamp sample does not produce any form of deformation.


  • YY611B02 Color Fastness Xenon

    YY611B02 Color Fastness Xenon

    Meet the standard:

    AATCC16, 169, ISO105-B02, ISO105-B04, ISO105-B06, ISO4892-2-A, ISO4892-2-B, GB/T8427, GB/T8430, GB/T14576, GB/T16422.2, 1865, 1189, GB/T15102 , GB/T15104, JIS 0843, GMW 3414, SAEJ1960, 1885, JASOM346, PV1303, ASTM G155-1, 155-6, GB/T17657-2013, etc.


    Product features:

    1. Meet AATCC, ISO, GB/T, FZ/T, BS a number of national standards.

    2.Color touch screen display, a variety of expressions: numbers, charts, etc.; It can display real-time monitoring curves of light irradiance, temperature and humidity. And store a variety of detection standards, convenient for users to directly select and call.

    3.Safety protection monitoring points (irradiance, water level, cooling air, bin temperature, bin door, overcurrent, overpressure) to achieve unmanned operation of the instrument.

    4.Imported long arc xenon lamp lighting system, true simulation of daylight spectrum.

    5.The irradiance sensor position is fixed, eliminating the measurement error caused by the rotating vibration of the turntable and the refraction of the light caused by the sample turntable turning to different positions.

    6. Light energy automatic compensation function.

    7.Temperature (irradiation temperature, heater heating,), humidity (multiple groups of ultrasonic atomizer humidification, saturated water vapor humidification,) dynamic balance technology.

    8. Accurate and fast control of BST and BPT.

    9. Water circulation and water purification device.

    10.Each sample independent timing function.

    11.Double circuit electronic redundancy design to ensure that the instrument for a long time continuous trouble-free operation.

  • YY-12G Colour Fastness Whashing

    YY-12G Colour Fastness Whashing

    Meet the standard:

    GB/T12490-2007, GB/T3921-2008 “Textile color fastness test Color fastness to soap washing”

    ISO105C01 / our fleet / 03/04/05 C06/08 / C10 “family and commercial washing fastness”

    JIS L0860/0844 “Test method for color fastness to Dry cleaning”

    GB5711, BS1006, AATCC61/1A/2A/3A/4A/5A and other standards.

    Instrument characteristics:

    1. 7 inch color touch screen display and operation, Chinese and English bilingual operation interface.

    2. 32-bit multi-function motherboard processing data, accurate control, stable, running time, test temperature can be set by itself.

    3. The panel is made of special steel, laser engraving, handwriting is clear, not easy to wear;

    4.Metal keys, sensitive operation, not easy to damage;

    5. Precision reducer, synchronous belt transmission, stable transmission, low noise;

    6.Solid state relay control heating tube, no mechanical contact, stable temperature, no noise, long life;

    7. Equipped with anti-dry fire protection water level sensor, instant detection of water level, high sensitivity, safe and reliable;

    8.Using PID temperature control function, effectively solve the temperature “overshoot” phenomenon;

    9.The machine box and rotating frame are made of high-quality 304 stainless steel, durable, easy to clean;

    10.The studio and the preheating room are independently controlled, which can preheat the sample while working, greatly shortening the test time;

    11.With high quality foot, easy to move;

  • YY571D AATCC Electric Crock Meter

    YY571D AATCC Electric Crock Meter

    Instrument use:

    Used in textile, hosiery, leather, electrochemical metal plate, printing and other industries to evaluate

    the color fastness friction test.


    Meet the standard:

    GB/T5712, GB/T3920, ISO105-X12 and other commonly used test standards, can be dry, wet friction

    test function. 

  • YY710  Gelbo Flex Tester

    YY710 Gelbo Flex Tester

    I.Instrument Applications:

    For non-textile fabrics, non-woven fabrics, medical non-woven fabrics in the dry state of the amount

    of fiber scraps, raw materials and other textile materials can be dry drop test. The test sample is subjected to a combination of torsion and compression in the chamber. During this twisting process,

    air is extracted from the test chamber, and the particles in the air are counted and classified by a

    laser dust particle counter.



    II.Meet the standard:


    ISO 9073-10,

    INDA IST 160.1,

    DIN EN 13795-2,

    YY/T 0506.4,

     EN ISO 22612-2005,

    GBT 24218.10-2016 Textile nonwovens test methods Part 10 Determination of dry floc, etc.;


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