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Company Profile

Yueyang Technology Co.,Ltd. is professionally engaged in providing the total solutions of Textiles &Garments Testing Instruments, Rubber & Plastic Testing Instruments, Paper & Flexible Testing Instruments. since the establishment of our company, with professional technology and advanced management concepts, the rapid rise in the field of testing instruments, has developed into research and development, production and sales of high-tech enterprises. Our company had passed ISO9001 certificate. And also it obtained the equipment production license and CE certificate.

We have been adopting the world standards and regulations such as ISO, ASTM, DIN, EN, GB, BS, JIS, ANSI, UL,TAPPI, AATCC, IEC, VDE, and CSA. To ensure the accuracy and authority of testing results, all the products must been calibrated by professionals from the central laboratory ex-factory.

now we exported products to Philippines, Vietnam,Thailand, Malaysia, india, turkey, iran, brazil, Indonesia, Australia, sought Africa, Belgium, British, New Zealand,etc. And we had already have our agency in local market, which could confirm the local after-sale service work on time! We are also looking forward for more and more agency to join us and supporting more and more local customer!


We depend on higher quality, better sales and after sales service to serve our customers. We trust we can give you the excellent experience for choose us based on our 17 years experience in this testing instruments area.

To provide our customers with better overall solution laboratory, including laboratory design, planning, renovation and equipment selection, installation, training, maintenance, Comparative testing management system, such as one-stop authentication technology services.


Our Advantage

1.Our sales manager is a senior manager with more than 15 years of experience in the export of testing instruments;Understanding import &export process, relevant trade system and policy in place, can provide a full range of door to door or port to port solutions, to save a lot of consulting time for customers.

2. We can accept flexible payment methods according to customers' needs, so as to facilitate customers' urgent needs!

3. We have cooperated with international freight forwarders for many years, which not only ensures the timeliness of transportation, but also ensures the safety of transportation and the economy of freight.

4. We have a strong technical team, can accept customers' non-standard customization requirements, ISO/EN/ASTM and so on can accept customization!

5. We have a strong after-sales service team to answer questions and doubts online efficiently, and a strong dealer service system to solve the problem of timeliness of after-sales service in the local market.

6. We regularly track customers' use of the products, regularly upgrade or maintain the products for customers, to ensure that customers can use the products at ease, and ensure the stability and accuracy of the operation of the products!