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Washing&Drying Instruments

  • YY089CA  Automatic Washing Shrinkage Tester

    YY089CA Automatic Washing Shrinkage Tester

    II.Purpose of the instrument: Used for measuring shrinkage and relaxation of all kinds of cotton, wool, linen, silk, chemical fiber fabrics, garments or other textiles after washing. III.Meet the standard: GB/T8629-2017 A1 new model specifications, FZ/T 70009, ISO6330-2012, ISO5077, M&S P1, P1AP3A, P12, P91, P99, P99A, P134,BS EN 25077, 26330,IEC 456 and other standards. IV.Instrument characteristics: 1.All mechanical systems are specially customized by professional household laundry manu...