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Paper Packaging Tester

  • YYP123C  Box Compression Tester

    YYP123C Box Compression Tester

    Instruments features:

    1.After the completion of the test automatic return function, automatically judge the crushing force

    and automatically save the test data

    2. Three kinds of speed can be set, all Chinese LCD operation interface, a variety of units to

    choose from.

    3.Can input the relevant data and automatically convert the compressive strength, with

    packaging stacking test function; Can directly set the force, time, after the completion of

    the test automatically shut down.

    4. Three working modes:

    Strength test: can measure the maximum pressure resistance of the box;

    Fixed value test: the overall performance of the box can be detected according to the set pressure;

    Stacking test: According to the requirements of national standards, stacking tests can be carried

    out under different conditions such as 12 hours and 24 hours.


    III.Meet the standard:

    GB/T 4857.4-92 Pressure test method for packaging transportation packages

    GB/T 4857.3-92 Test method for static load stacking of packaging and transportation packages.

  • YYP-PL Tissue Tensile Strength Tester

    YYP-PL Tissue Tensile Strength Tester

    1. Product Description

    The tensile testing machine is a basic instrument for testing the physical properties of materials

    such as tension, pressure (tensile). The vertical and multi-column structure is adopted, and

    the chuck spacing can be arbitrarily set within a certain range. The stretching stroke is

    large, the running stability is good, and the test accuracy is high. The tensile testing machine

    is widely used in fiber, plastic, paper, paper board, film and other non-metallic materials top

    pressure, soft plastic packaging heat sealing strength, tearing, stretching, various

    puncture, compression, ampoule breaking force, 180 degrees peel, 90 degrees peel, shear

    force and other test projects. At the same time, the instrument can measure paper tensile

    strength, tensile strength, elongation, breaking length, tensile energy absorption, tensile finger

    Number, tensile energy absorption index and other items. This product is suitable for medical,

    food, pharmaceutical, packaging, paper and other industries.



    1. Product Features:
      1. The design method of the imported instrument clamp is adopted to avoid the detection
      2. error caused by the operator because of the operation technical problems.
      3. Imported customized high sensitivity load element, imported lead screw to ensure accurate displacement
      4. Can be arbitrarily selected in the speed range of 5-600mm/min, this function can meet the 180° peel, ampoule bottle breaking force, film tension and other samples detection.
      5. With tensile force, plastic bottle top pressure test, plastic film, paper elongation, breaking force, paper breaking length, tensile energy absorption, tensile index, tensile energy absorption index and other functions.
      6. The motor warranty is 3 years, the sensor warranty is 5 years, and the whole machine warranty is 1 year, which is the longest warranty period in China.
      7. Ultra-long travel and large load (500 kg) structure design and flexible sensor selection facilitate the expansion of multiple test projects.


    1. Meeting standard:

    ISO 37、GB 8808、GB/T 1040.1-2006、GB/T 1040.2-2006、GB/T 1040.3-2006、GB/T 1040.4-2006、GB/T 1040.5-2008、GB/T 4850- 2002、 GB/T 12914-2008、GB/T 17200、 GB/T 16578.1-2008、 GB/T 7122、 GB/T 2790、GB/T 2791、GB/T 2792、GB/T 17590、 GB 15811、ASTM E4、ASTM D882、ASTM D1938、 ASTM D3330、ASTM F88、 ASTM F904、JIS P8113、 QB/T 2358、 QB/T 1130 、 YBB332002-2015 、YBB00172002-2015 、YBB00152002-2015


  • YY109 Automatic Bursting Strength Tester

    YY109 Automatic Bursting Strength Tester

    Meeting Standard:

    ISO 2759 Cardboard- -Determination of Breaking Resistance

    GB / T 1539 Determination of Board board Resistance

    QB / T 1057 Determination of Paper and Board Breaking Resistance

    GB / T 6545 Determination of Corrugated Break Resistance Strength

    GB / T 454 Determination of Paper Breaking Resistance

    ISO 2758 Paper- -Determination of Break Resistance


  • YYP111  Folding Resistance Tester

    YYP111 Folding Resistance Tester

    1. Applications:

    The folding resistance tester is a test tool used to test the folding fatigue performance of thin

    materials such as paper, through which the folding resistance and folding resistance can be tested.


    II.Range of Application

    1.0-1mm paper, cardboard, cardboard

    2.0-1mm glass fiber, film, circuit board, copper foil, wire, etc


    III.Equipment characteristics:

    1.High closed loop stepper motor, rotation Angle, folding speed accurate and stable.

    2.ARM processor, improve the corresponding speed of the instrument, the calculation data is

    accurate and fast.

    3.Automatically measures, calculates and prints test results, and has the function of data saving.

    4.standard RS232 interface, with microcomputer software for communication (purchased separately).


    IV. Meeting Standard:

    GB/T 457,QB/T1049,ISO 5626,ISO 2493 

  • YY118C  Gloss Meter 75°

    YY118C Gloss Meter 75°

    I. Product Features:

    1. Small size, light weight, portable and easy to use, boot automatic calibration, that is, on the test.

    2. Power saving, worry saving, high efficiency, two batteries can be replaced, more convenient

    and higher utilization rate.

    3. High stability, accuracy, can be over measured

    4.LED long life light source

    5. Standard quartz crystal calibration version, the annual rate of change is very low, more


    6. Automatic shutdown, save power, avoid battery flow caused by failure.


    II. Compliance with standards

    YY118C gloss meter is developed according to the national standards GB3295, GB11420,

    GB8807, ASTM-C346.


    III. Application

    Mainly used for: gloss measurement in the paper industry, or other industries requiring 75


  • YYP114D Double Edged Sample Cutter

    YYP114D Double Edged Sample Cutter


    Adhesives, Corrugated, Foils/Metals, Food Testing, Medical, Packaging,

    Paper, Paperboard, Plastic Film, Pulp, Tissue, Textiles

  • YYP-MFL-4-10 Muffle Furnace

    YYP-MFL-4-10 Muffle Furnace

    Structure introduction

    The shape of this series of resistance furnaces is cuboid, the shell is made of high-quality cold-rolled steel plate by folding and welding, the studio is made of high-quality high-aluminum refractory materials, and high-quality thermal insulation materials are used between the furnace and the shell as insulation layer. In order to reduce the heat loss of the furnace and improve the uniformity of the temperature in the furnace, a heat baffle made of high-quality refractory material is installed on the inside of the furnace door.

    The measurement, indication and adjustment of the temperature in the furnace are completed by the temperature controller. The instrument is equipped with a protection device, which can automatically cut off the power supply when the temperature measuring thermocouple is broken during the heating process to ensure the safety of the electric furnace and the workpiece to be treated.

  • YYP124  Drop Tester

    YYP124 Drop Tester

    Technical Standards:

    This instrument is developed according to GB4857.5 “vertical impact drop test method for basic

    test of transport packaging”, which is specially designed to test the damage caused by falling after

    product packaging, and to evaluate the impact strength of electrical and electronic assembly parts

    when they are subjected to falling during handling.

    ISO 2248–Packaging–Complete, filled transport packages-Vertical impact test by dropping

    ISO 2876–Packaging–Complete, filled transport packages–Rolling test

  • YYP107B Paper Thickness Tester

    YYP107B Paper Thickness Tester

    Application Range

    Paper Thickness Tester is suitable for Various papers under 4mm

    Executive Standard


  • YYP107A Cardboard Thickness Tester

    YYP107A Cardboard Thickness Tester

    Application Range:

    Cardboard Thickness Tester is used for Various cardboards below 18mm


    Executive Standard

    GB/T 6547,ISO3034

  • YYP114C  Circle Sample Cutter

    YYP114C Circle Sample Cutter


    YYP114C Circle sample cutter is the sample cutter for the test of all kinds of paper and paperboard. The cutter conforms to the standard of QB/T1671—98.



    The instrument simpler and smaller, it can quickly and accurately cut the standard area about 100 square centimeters.

  • YYP114B Adjustable Sample Cutter

    YYP114B Adjustable Sample Cutter

    Product Introduction

    YYP114B Adjustable Sample Cutter is dedicated sampling devices

    for paper and paperboard physical performance testing.

    Product features

    Advantages of the product include wide range of sample size 、high

    sampling precision and easy operation, etc.

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