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Basic Test

  • YY1006A Tuft Withdrawal Tensometer

    YY1006A Tuft Withdrawal Tensometer

    Instrument use:

    It is used to measure the force required to pull a single tuft or loop from a carpet, i.e. the binding force between the carpet pile and the backing.



    Meet the standard:

    BS 529:1975 (1996), QB/T 1090-2019, ISO 4919 Test method for pulling force of carpet pile.


  • YY1000A Thickness Meter Static Loading

    YY1000A Thickness Meter Static Loading

    Instrument use:

    Suitable for thickness testing of all woven carpets.


    Meet the standard:

    QB/T1089, ISO 3415, ISO 3416, etc.


    Product features:

    1, imported dial gauge, precision can reach 0.01mm.

  • YYZ01  Circle Sample Cutter

    YYZ01 Circle Sample Cutter

    Used for sampling all kinds of fabrics and other materials; For measurement of fabric mass per unit area. GB/T4669;ISO3801;BS2471;ASTM D3776;IWS TM13. Model YYZ01A YYZ01B YYZ01C YYZ01F Remark Sampling Method Manual Manual Manual Electronic All aluminum alloy stamping molding Sampling diameter (area) ∮140mm ∮112.8mm(100cm2) ∮38mm ∮112.8mm(100cm2) The blade height is adjustable 0~5mm 0~5mm 0~5mm 0~5mm The thickness of the speci...
  • YY511B  Fabric Density Mirror

    YY511B Fabric Density Mirror

    Used for measurement of warp and weft density of all kinds of cotton, wool, hemp, silk, chemical fiber fabrics and blended fabrics. GB/T4668, ISO7211.2 1. Selected high quality aluminum alloy material manufacturing; 2. Simple operation, light and easy to carry; 3. Reasonable design and fine workmanship. 1. Magnification: 10 times, 20 times 2. Lens movement range: 0 ~ 50mm,0 ~ 2Inch 3. The ruler minimum indexing value: 1mm, 1/16inch 1.Host–1 Set 2.Magnifier Lens—10 times: 1 Pcs 3.M...
  • YY201   Textile Formaldehyde Tester

    YY201 Textile Formaldehyde Tester

    Used for rapid determination of formaldehyde content in textiles. GB/T2912.1、GB/T18401、ISO 14184.1、ISO1 4184.2、AATCC112. 1. The instrument adopts 5″LCD graphic display and external thermal printer as display and output equipment, clearly display test results and prompts in the process of operation, thermal printer can easily print test results for data report and save; 2. The test method provides photometer mode, wavelength scanning, quantitative analysis, dynamic analysis and multi...
  • YY141D   Digital Fabric Thickness Gauge
  • YY141A   Digital Fabric Thickness Gauge

    YY141A Digital Fabric Thickness Gauge

    Used for thickness measurement of various materials including film, paper, textiles, and other uniform thin materials. GB/T 3820,GB/T 24218.2、FZ/T01003、ISO 5084:1994. 1. The measurement of thickness range: 0.01 ~ 10.00mm 2. The minimum indexing value: 0.01mm 3. Pad area: 50mm2, 100mm2, 500mm2, 1000mm2, 2000mm2 4. Pressure weight: 25CN ×2, 50CN, 100CN ×2, 200CN 5. The pressure time: 10s, 30s 6. Presser foot descending speed: 1.72mm/s 7. The pressure time: 10s + 1S, 30s + 1S. 8. Dimensions:...
  • YY111  Fabric Yarn Length Tester

    YY111 Fabric Yarn Length Tester

    Used for testing the elongation length and shrinkage rate of disassembled yarn in fabric under the condition of specified tension. Color touch screen display control, menu operation mode. FZ/T01091,FZ/T01093. 1. Power supply: 220V,50HZ,100W 2.Tension display range and accuracy: 0 ~ 199.9± 0.02CN 3. Length range: 10 ~ 1000mm, dividing value 1mm 4. Dimensions: 1400×160×190mm (L×W×H) 5. Weight: 15kg
  • YY28   PH Meter

    YY28 PH Meter

    Integration of humanized design, easy to operate, touch-key keyboard, all-around rotating electrode bracket, large LCD screen, every place is improving. GB/T7573、18401,ISO3071、AATCC81、15,BS3266,EN1413,JIS L1096. 1. PH measurement range: 0.00-14.00pH 2. Resolution: 0.01pH 3. Precision: ±0.01pH 4. mV measurement range: ±1999mV 5.Precision: ±1mV 6. Temperature range (℃) : 0-100.0 (up to +80℃ for a short time, up to 5 minutes) Resolution: 0.1°C 7. Temperature compensation (℃) : automatic/m...
  • YY-12P  24P Room Temperature Oscillator

    YY-12P 24P Room Temperature Oscillator

    This machine is a kind of normal temperature dyeing and very convenient operation of normal temperature color tester, can easily add neutral salt, alkali and other additives in the dyeing process, of course, is also suitable for general bath cotton, soap-washing, bleaching test. 1.The use of temperature: room temperature(RT) ~100℃. 2. Number of cups :12 cups /24 cups (single slot). 3.Heating mode: electric heating, 220V single phase, power 4KW. 4. Oscillation speed 50-200 times/min, mute desi...
  • YY-3A   Intelligent Digital Whiteness Meter

    YY-3A Intelligent Digital Whiteness Meter

    Used for the determination of whiteness and other optical properties of paper, paperboard, paperboard, pulp, silk, textile, paint, cotton chemical fiber, ceramic building materials, porcelain clay clay, daily chemicals, flour starch, plastic raw materials and other objects. FZ/T 50013-2008,GB/T 13835.7-2009,GB/T 5885-1986、JJG512、FFG48-90. 1. Spectral conditions of the instrument are matched by an integral filter; 2. The instrument adopts microcomputer technology to achieve automatic contr...
  • YY-3C   PH Meter

    YY-3C PH Meter

    Used for pH test of various masks. GB/T 32610-2016 GB/T 7573-2009 1. Instrument level: 0.01 level 2.Measuring range: pH 0.00 ~ 14.00pH; 0 ~ + 1400 mv 3. Resolution: 0.01pH,1mV,0.1℃ 4. Temperature compensation range: 0 ~ 60℃ 5. Electronic unit basic error: pH±0.05pH,mV±1% (FS) 6. The basic error of the instrument: ±0.01pH 7. The electronic unit input current: no more than 1×10-11A 8. The electronic unit input impedance: not less than 3×1011Ω 9. Electronic unit repeatability error: pH 0.05pH,mV...
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