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  • 2023 Mid-Autumn Festival &National Day holiday schedule

    2023 Mid-Autumn Festival &National Day holiday schedule      September 29, 2023 (Friday) – October 6, 2023 (Friday) In case of emergency, please contact Cathy:  008615866671927(wechat/whatsApp)  
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  • May Day holiday notice!

    May Day holiday notice!

    Dear Partners: Thanks for your support ! Yueyang Company will welcome the May Day from April 29 to May 3. if any urgent, do  please call 008615866671927(Ms.Cathy). We will respond and deal with it as soon as possible!  Wish you all have a happy&peaceful holiday!
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  • The selection of viscometer

    1. Do not compare data with others. If you compare the data, it is best to buy the same model or tell me the model, I can recommend the corresponding cost-effective viscometer 2. About what product to measure, do you know the approximate viscosity? If you don’t know, please provide the status, su...
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  • Importance Of Sweating Guarded Hotplate Testing Work

    Importance Of Sweating Guarded Hotplate Testing Work

    Sweating Guarded Hotplate Used for measuring heat and water vapor resistance under steady-state conditions.By measuring the heat resistance and water vapor resistance of textile materials, the tester provides direct data for characterizing the physical comfort of textiles, which involves a comple...
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  • The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, PRC promulgated 103 new standards for the textile industry.The implementation date is October 1, 2022.

    1 FZ/T 01158-2022 Textiles – Determination of ticklish sensation – Vibration audio frequency analysis method 2 FZ/T 01159-2022 Quantitative chemical analysis of textiles – Mixtures of silk and wool or other animal hair fibres (Hydrochloric acid method) 3 FZ...
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