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Flexible Packaging Tester

  • YYP135  Falling Dart Impact Tester

    YYP135 Falling Dart Impact Tester

    YYP135 Falling Dart Impact Tester is applicable in the impact result and energy measurement of the falling dart from a certain height against plastic films and sheets with thickness less than 1mm, which would result in 50% tested specimen failure.

  • YYP203B Film Thickness Tester

    YYP203B Film Thickness Tester

    YYP 203B film thickness tester is used to test the thickness of plastic film and sheet by mechanical scanning method, but empaistic film and sheet is not available.

  • YYP122B   Haze Meter

    YYP122B Haze Meter

    Adopt the parallel lighting, hemispherical scattering, and integral ball photoelectric receiving mode. The microcomputer automatic controls test system and data processing system, convenient operation, no knob, and a standard print output pull, automatically display the average value of transmittance /haze repeatedly measured. The transmittance results is up to 0.1and the haze degree is up to 0.01.

  • YYP122A  Haze Meter

    YYP122A Haze Meter

    It is a kind of small hazer meter designed according to GB2410—80 and ASTM D1003—61(1997).

  • YYP108C Plastic Film Tearing Tester

    YYP108C Plastic Film Tearing Tester

    YYP 108C Film Tearing Tester is applicable in the tearing test of films, sheets, flexible PVC, PVDC, waterproof films, woven materials, polypropylene, polyester, paper, cardboard, textile and non-woven, etc.

  • YYP122-100  Haze meter

    YYP122-100 Haze meter

    It is designed for plastic sheets, films, glasses, LCD panel, touch screen and other transparent and semi-transparent materials haze and transmittance measurement. Our haze meter does not need warm-up during test which saves customer’s time. Instrument conforms to ISO, ASTM, JIS, DIN and other international standards to meet all customers’ measurement requirement.

  • YYP122C  Haze Meter

    YYP122C Haze Meter

    YYP122C Haze Meter is a computerized automatic measuring instrument designed for haze and luminous transmittance of transparent plastic sheet, sheet, plastic film, flat glass. It also can apply in samples of liquid (water, beverage, pharmaceutical, colored liquid, oil) measurement of turbidity, scientific research and industry and agriculture production has a broad application field.

  • YYP 127  Coefficient of Friction Tester

    YYP 127 Coefficient of Friction Tester

    YYP127 Coefficient of friction tester is an advanced and intelligent test instrument with high accuracy. It complies with standards and adopts micro computer processing technology. Theelements, parts, single-chip microcomputer, touch screen are all advanced ones with reasonable construction design. The functions contain different parameter testing, translation,adjusting, showing, memory, printing, etc.

  • YYP128  Rub Tester

    YYP128 Rub Tester

    YYP 128 Rub Tester is applying in testing the abrasion of print ink, PS photosensitive coating and other relative products’ coating. It is used to analyze the printing abrasion, ink peeling and other products’ coating hardness. The equipment is designed according to GB7706, JIS K5701, and ISO 9000.

  • YYP 133  Heat Seal Tester

    YYP 133 Heat Seal Tester

    YYP133 Heat Seal Tester seals the specimen to determine the seal parameters of basic film, laminated films, coating paper and other heat sealing laminated films according to the requirement of relative standards. The seal parameters include heat seal temperature, dwell time, and the pressure of heat seal. Heat seal materials that have different melting point, heat stability, fluidness, and thickness of could show various heat seal properties, which cause obviously different seal technique. Users can obtain standard and accurate heat seal index by YYP133 Heat Seal Tester.

  • YYP134  Leak Tester

    YYP134 Leak Tester

    DRK134 Leak Tester is an advanced and intelligent tester designed according to related standard. It is applicable to test the seal property of flexible pack in food industry, pharmacy industry and daily chemical industry.