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YY ST05B Five Point Heat Seal Gradient Tester

Short Description:


The heat seal tester is a necessary laboratory instrument for food enterprises, pharmaceutical enterprises, daily chemical products enterprises, packaging and raw material production enterprises.

Its working conditions simulate the pressure, temperature and time of the packaging line in the packaging process of the packaging line. Through the instrument, the material can be quickly assessed and can be used in the production line after the assessment. Another use is to heat seal the flexible packaging material under the set temperature, pressure and time, so as to conveniently and quickly

find the best heat of the material

Sealing process parameters to meet the requirements of packaging and packaging material manufacturers for the best heat sealing parameters of materials.


II.Meeting Standard:

QB/T 2358(ZBY 28004)、 ASTM F2029、YBB 00122003

  • FOB Price: US $0.5 - 9,999 / Piece
  • Min.Order Quantity: 100 Piece/Pieces
  • Supply Ability: 10000 Piece/Pieces per Month
  • Product Detail

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    Technical Parameters



    Heat seal temperature

    RT ~ 300℃(accuracy ±1℃)

    Heat seal pressure

    0 MPa ~ 0.7 MPa

    Heat sealing time


    Hot sealing surface

    40mm x 10mm x 5 stations

    Heating method

    Single heating or double heating; Both upper and lower sealing knives can be switched separately and temperature controlled separately

    Testing method

    Manual mode/Automatic mode

    (Manual mode is controlled by foot switch, automatic mode is controlled by adjustable delay relay);

    Air source pressure

    0.7 MPa or less

    Test condition

    Standard test environment

    Main engine size

    5470*290*300mm (L×B×H)

    Electric source

    AC 220V± 10% 50Hz

    Net weight

    20 kg



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