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Button Testing Instruments

  • YY001-Button Tensile Strength Tester (pointer display)

    YY001-Button Tensile Strength Tester (pointer display)

    It is mainly used for testing the stitching strength of buttons on all kinds of textiles. Fix the sample on the base, hold the button with a clamp, lift the clamp to disengage the button, and read the required tension value from the tension table. Is to define the responsibility of the garment manufacturer to ensure that buttons, buttons and fixtures are properly secured to the garment to prevent the buttons from leaving the garment and creating a risk of being swallowed by the infant. Therefore, all buttons, buttons and fasteners on garments must be tested by a button strength tester.

  • YY002–Button Impact Tester

    YY002–Button Impact Tester

    Fix the button above the impact test and release a weight from a certain height to impact the button to test the impact strength.

  • YY003–Button Color Fastness Tester

    YY003–Button Color Fastness Tester

    Used for testing the color fastness and ironing resistance of buttons.