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AATCC LP1-2021 –Laboratory Procedure for Home Laundering: Machine Washing

——LBT-M6 AATCC Washing Machine


This procedure is based on laundering methods and parameters originally devel- as part of various AATCC stan- As a stand-alone laundering proto­col, it may be combined with other test methods, including those for appearance, care label verification, and flammability. A procedure fbr hand laundering may be found in AATCC LP2, Laboratory Proce­dure for Home Laundering: Hand Wash­ing.

Standard laundering procedures re­main consistent to allow valid compari­son of results. Standard parameters repre­sent, but may not exactly replicate, current consumer practices, which vary over time and among households. Alter­nate laundering parameters (water level, agitation, temperature, etc.) are updated periodically to more closely mirror con­sumer practices and allow use of avail­able consumer machines, though different parameters may produce diflerent test re­sults.

1.Purpose and Scope

1.1This procedure provides standard and alternate home laundering conditions using an automatic washing machine. While the procedure includes several op­tions, it is not possible to include every existing combination of laundering pa­rameters.

1.2This test is applicable to all fabrics and end products suitable fbr home laun­dering.


2.1Home laundering procedures, in­cluding washing in an automatic washing machine and several drying methods are described. Parameters for washing ma­chines and tumble dryers are also in­cluded. The procedures described herein need to be combined with an appropriate test method to obtain and interpret re­sults.


3.1laundering, n.—of textile materi­als, a process intended to remove soils and/or stains by treatment (washing) with an aqueous detergent solution and nor­mally including rinsing, extraction and drying.

3.2stroke, n.―of washing machines, a single rotational movement of the wash­ing machine drum.

NOTE: This motion can be in one di­rection (i.e., clockwise or counter-clock­wise), or alternate back and forth. In ei­ther case, the motion shall be counted at each pa

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