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Do you know whether your mask is medical or non-medical?

First, distinguish by name, directly judge from the name of the mask

Medical mask

Medical protective masks: for use in high-risk environments.

Such as: fever clinic, isolation ward medical staff, intubation, high risk medical workers, etc.

Surgical mask: suitable for medical personnel to wear when performing low-risk operations.

It is suitable for the public to seek medical treatment in medical institutions, long-term outdoor activities, and stay in crowded areas for a long time.

Disposable medical mask: It is suitable for the public to wear in the indoor working environment where people are relatively gathered, ordinary outdoor activities, and short stay in crowded places.

Non-medical mask

Anti-particulate masks: suitable for industrial sites.

It can be used as an alternative to medical protective masks for temporary stays in higher-risk environments.

The specifications are KN95, KN90, etc.

Daily protective mask: suitable for filtering particulate matter in daily life under air pollution environment.

Second, through the structure and packaging information

Mask structure: Generally, non-medical masks with filter valves are included. Article 4.3 of the standard GB19803-2010 for medical masks in China clearly stipulates that “masks should not have exhalation valves”, so as to avoid droplets and microorganisms exhalation through the exhalation valve and harm others.

Civilian masks are allowed to have an exhalation valve, through which the expiratory resistance can be reduced, thus helping the operators to work for a long time.

Package information: If the package contains the name of the product, the execution standard and the protection level, and the name contains the words “Medical” or “surgical” or “medical”, the mask can be generally judged as a medical mask.

Third, use criteria to distinguish

Medical masks have different standards in different countries and regions. The following is a list of China’s standards.

Medical protective mask GB 19083;

Surgical mask YY 0469;

Disposable medical masks YY/T 0969

Post time: Dec-13-2022