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YY086 Sample Skein Winder

Short Description:

Used for testing the linear density (count) and wisp count of all kinds of yarns.

Product Detail

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Used for testing the linear density (count) and wisp count of all kinds of yarns.

Meeting Standard

GB/T4743,14343,6838,ISO2060,ASTM D 1907

Instruments Features

1.Synchronous toothed belt drive, more accurate positioning; Similar products triangle belt drive easy to flush ring;
2.Full digital speed board, more stable; Similar products discrete components speed regulation, high failure rate;
3. With soft start, hard start selection function, start moment will not break the yarn, no need to manually adjust the speed, operation more worry;
4. Brake preload 1 ~ 9 laps can be adjusted, positioning more accurate, never punch;
5. Speed automatic tracking, to ensure that the speed will not change with the voltage fluctuation of the grid.

Technical Parameters

1.Can be tested at the same time: 6 tubes
2. Frame circumference: 1000±1mm
3. Frame speed: 20 ~ 300 RPM (stepless speed regulation, digital setting, automatic tracking)
4. Spindle spacing: 60mm
5. The number of winding turns: 1 ~ 9999 turns can be set arbitrarily
6. Brake pre-amount :1 ~ 9 laps arbitrary setting
7. Rolling yarn transverse reciprocating movement: 35mm + 0.5mm
8. Spinning tension: 0 ~ 100CN + 1CN arbitrary setting
9. Power supply: AC220V,10A,80W
10. Dimensions: 800×700×500mm(L×W×H)
11. Weight: 50kg

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