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YY258A Thermal Resistance Tester For Textiles

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Used for testing the thermal resistance of all kinds of fabrics under normal conditions and physiological comfort.

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Used for testing the moisture absorption and heating properties of textiles, and also for other temperature inspection tests.

Meeting Standard

GB/T 29866-2013,FZ/T 73036-2010,FZ/T 73054-2015 

Technical Parameters

1. Temperature rise value test range and accuracy: 0 ~ 100℃, the resolution of 0.01 ℃
2. The average temperature rise value test range and accuracy: 0 ~ 100℃, the resolution of 0.01 ℃
3. Studio size: 350mm×300mm×400mm (width × depth × height)
4.The use of four channels detection, temperature 0 ~ 100℃, 0.01 ℃ resolution, support three samples at the same time test. After the test is complete
Generate temperature curve, automatically calculate the result to generate a report
5. Temperature display range :0 ~ 100℃, resolution 0.01 ℃
6. Temperature fluctuation: ≤±0.5℃
7. Relative humidity control: 30% ~ 90%±3%
8. Wind speed: 0.3m/s ~ 0.5m./s; (adjustable)
9. Test time control: 0min: 1s ~ 99min: 59s. Resolution is 1s and the test error is ±1s
10.The test box side cable threading hole 1, the size is 50mm
11. Hollow glass observation window, size: about 200×250mm
12. Single door and double silicone rubber sealing strip are used for door sealing.
13. The box body is equipped with a condensate water outlet.
14. The test box studio is made of 1mm thick SUS304 stainless steel plate, the box shell is made of 1mm thick high quality stainless steel
15. Heating/humidifier, refrigeration evaporator, blower motor, fan blade and other devices are distributed in the interlayer of the air duct at one end of the studio;
16.The insulation material is polyamine ester foam, the thickness is 100mm, the insulation effect is good, the outer surface of the test chamber is not frosting, no condensation
17. Continuous PID adjustment, using SSR solid state relay as heating actuator, safe and reliable, with a separate overtemperature protection system.
18. Compressor: The core of the refrigeration system is the compressor. In this scheme, we adopt the French Taikang fully enclosed compressor to form a refrigeration system to ensure the cooling requirements of the studio. The refrigeration system includes a high pressure refrigeration cycle and a low pressure refrigeration cycle. The connecting container is the evaporator. The function of the evaporative condenser is to use the evaporator of the low pressure circulation as the condenser of the high pressure circulation.
19.Oil separator, compressors have the frozen oil, will directly affect its life, if frozen oil into the system, especially the heat exchanger, will greatly reduce its performance, therefore, the system needs to set up the oil separator, according to the usage of our company imported oil separator is used in the past and experience, we for this device is equipped with Europe and the United States "high" ALCO oil separator.
20. Condensation evaporator: The brazed plate heat exchanger produced by Sweden "Alfalaval" company or Sweden SWEP company, which is currently the world's advanced, is composed of several pieces of corrosion-resistant stainless steel sheet which suppress adult corrugated, a pair of adjacent stainless steel sheet corrugated direction opposite, corrugated back line intersecting each other to form a large number of contact solder joints. Due to complex contact crossover network channels on both sides of the formation fluid turbulent flow, improve the heat transfer intensity, at the same time strong turbulent flow and smooth surface of the stainless steel to make soldering plate in heat exchange surface of the channel is not easy to scale, using the heat exchanger to overcome the past domestic high and low temperature test chamber this widget size, heat transfer and low efficiency of faults, At the same time, the system resistance is also reduced to a minimum.
21. Refrigeration evaporator: the evaporator is located in the interlayer of the air duct at one end of the test box. It is forcibly ventilated by the blast motor and fast heat exchange.
22. Energy regulation measures: Under the premise of guarantee test box in the main technical indicators, according to the different cooling speed and temperature range of the system adjusted refrigeration capacity is indispensable, we in addition to the foregoing consider adopting corresponding add its energy adjustment measures, such as evaporation temperature adjustment, energy regulation, hot gas bypass adjustment to ensure that the main technical indicators meet the premise, reduce energy consumption of equipment.
23.Duct system: in order to ensure a higher uniformity index, the test chamber is equipped with an internal circulating air supply system; The interlayer of the air duct at one end of the studio is equipped with heaters, refrigeration evaporators, air blades and other devices. The air in the box is circulated by the fan. When the fan rotates at high speed, the air in the studio is inhaled into the air duct from the lower part and blown out from the upper part of the air duct after heating and refrigeration. The air exchanged with the test product in the studio is inhaled into the air duct and repeated circulation, so as to meet the requirements of the temperature setting.
24. Refrigerant: R404A
25. Power: about 3.5KW
26. The overall size of about 510×950×1310mm (width × depth × height)
27. Power supply: 220V + 10%V; 50Hz

Control System

Control system composition:
1. Temperature measurement: PT100 platinum resistance;
2.Control device: programmable temperature and humidity controller TEMI580. Can display setting parameters, time, heater and other working state, at the same time has the test automatic operation and PID parameter self-tuning function. The automatic operation of the refrigerator can be realized only by setting the temperature. The control system uses intelligent control software system, with automatic combination of refrigeration, heating, and other sub-systems, so as to ensure high precision control in the whole range of temperature and humidity, to achieve the purpose of energy saving and consumption reduction. Perfect detection device can automatically carry out detailed fault display, alarm, such as when the test chamber abnormal, the controller automatically display fault status.

3. Screen display: set the temperature; Measured temperature; Heating, time, temperature curve and other working conditions and a variety of alarm indication.
4. Setting accuracy: temperature: 0.1℃
5. The program capacity: 100, the program total number of 1000 segments, the program step maximum time: 99 hours and 59 minutes; The program can loop, the program can be linked;
6.Operation mode: constant operation, program operation;
7. Other main low-voltage electrical components are used in famous brands: such as Schneider AC contactor, thermal overload relay, OMRON small intermediate relay, Delici circuit breaker, Taiwan Fangyi water level float switch, etc.

Safety Protection Device

1. Over-temperature protection of the studio;
2.Heater short circuit protection;
3.Fan overload protection;
4. Compressor overpressure protection;
5. Compressor overload protection;
6. Leakage protection;
7. Safe and reliable grounding device;

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