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YY607B Plate Type Pressing Instrument

Short Description:

Used for making composite specimen of hot melt bonding lining for garment.

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Used for making composite specimen of hot melt bonding lining for garment.

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Instruments Features

1. The panel is processed by imported special aluminum, with beautiful appearance and convenient cleaning.
2.Large screen color touch screen display control, menu type operation mode, convenient degree comparable to smart phone.
3. The core control components are composed of multifunctional motherboard by 32-bit single-chip microcomputer of Italy and France.
4. The instrument contains Chinese and English interface, convenient for foreign customers to visit.
5. The key parts are made of special steel to ensure the reliability of the equipment.
6.The temperature can be adjusted between room temperature ~ 200℃, temperature accuracy ±2℃.
7.Pressing temperature and time can be precisely controlled.

Technical Parameters

1.Pressing plate size: 380mm×380mm (L×W)
2.Temperature adjustment range: room temperature ~ 200℃
3. Temperature control accuracy: ±2℃
4. Timing range :1 ~ 999999S
5. Pressure range: 30KPa ~ 500KPa (adjustable)
6,.Working voltage: AC220V±10%, 50Hz
7. Heating power: 3KW
8. Dimensions: 550mm×660mm×1320mm (L×W×H)
9. Weight: 140kg

Configuration List

1.Host---1 Set             

2.Mute pump ---1 Set    

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