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YYP-WDT-W-60E1 Electronic Universal (ring stiffness) Testing Machine

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WDT series micro-controlled ring stiffness testing machine is a double lead screw, host, control, measurement, operation integration structure. It is suitable for testing the mechanical properties of various plastic pipes, composite pipes and FRP pipes, such as ring stiffness, ring flexibility, flattening and creep ratio test, as well as tensile test of joints, steel wire stretching, steel strip stretching and so on. To meet the requirements of bellows, winding pipes and various plastic pipe testing standards. The software system adopts Windows interface (multiple language versions can meet the needs of different countries and regions), and has the functions of setting and storing test parameters, collecting test data, processing and analyzing test data, displaying printing curve and printing out test report, etc. This series of testing machines are widely used in scientific research institutions, colleges and universities, quality inspection departments, and pipe production enterprises.

Product Feasures

1. The transmission part of this series of testing machines adopts imported brand AC servo system, deceleration system, precision ball screw and high strength frame structure.

2. Dual sensor force measuring system effectively avoids the anti-deviation of large caliber pipe, reduces the damage probability of sensor and ensures the high precision of the test.

3. Cooperate with the unique inner diameter measuring system for ring stiffness test, measurement more direct and accurate, accurate measurement of pipe inner diameter changes.

4.According to the need to add a large deformation measuring device for tensile elongation at break test, can accurately measure the deformation between the sample effective lines.

5. This machine is more accurate than similar products in the market, wide range of rapid measurement, in addition to the mechanical properties of the pipe test can also be used for tensile, compression, bending, elastic modulus, peel, tear and other mechanical properties of the material test, with a high cost performance.

6. The series of testing machines into the contemporary advanced technology in one, beautiful appearance, high precision, wide speed range, low noise, easy to operate, accuracy up to 0.5 level, and provide a variety of specifications/use fixture for different users to choose.

7. With multiple protection functions such as overload, so that the test operation is safe and reliable. This series of products have passed the European CE certification.

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Meeting Standards

In line with GB/T 9647, GB/T 18042, ISO 9969 and various pipe testing standards, It also meets the requirements of GB/T 1040, GB/T 1041, GB/T 8804, GB/T 9341, ISO 7500-1, GB 16491, GB/T 17200, ISO 5893, ASTM D638, ASTM D695, ASTM D790 and other standards.

Technical Parameters

Model YYP-WDT-W-60E1
Test Range 1200/3500≤60KN
Diameter Ф3500
Column Distance 1200mm
Test Speed 0.01mm/min-500mm/mincontinuously viable
Speed Accuracy 0.1-500mm/min <1%0.01-0.05mm/min<2%
Displacement resolution 0.001mm
Pressure Measuring Range 0.4%FS-100%FS
Control mode PC ControlColor printer output
Power Supply 220V 750W 10A
Dimension(mm) 1280×620×3150
Weight 550Kg
Standard Tube inner diameter measuring device
Options Large deformation measuring device

Testing Software

The test software system is developed by our company (with independent intellectual property rights), the multi-language version to meet the needs of users in different countries and regions.✱ Meet ISO, JIS, ASTM, DIN, GB and other test methods standards

✱ With displacement, elongation, load, stress, strain and other control modes

✱ Automatic storage of test conditions, test results and other data

✱ Automatic calibration of load and elongation

✱ü The beam is slightly adjusted for easy calibration

✱ Remote control mouse and other diversified operation control, easy to use

✱Has batch processing function, can be convenient and fast continuous test

✱The beam automatically returns to the initial position

✱ Display dynamic curve in real time

✱Can choose the stress-strain, force-elongation, force-time, strength-time test curve

✱ Automatic coordinate transformation

✱Superposition and comparison of test curves of the same group

✱ Local amplification analysis of the test curve

✱ Automatically analyze test data

Rich universal testing machine fixture

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