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YY9870A Automatic Kjeldahl nitrogen analyzer

Short Description:


Kjeldahl method is a classical method for nitrogen determination. Kjeldahl method is widely used to determine nitrogen compounds in soil, food, animal husbandry, agricultural products, feed and

other products. The sample determination by this method requires three processes: sample

digestion, distillation separation and titration analysis

The company is one of the founding units of the national standard of “GB/T 33862-2017 full

(semi-) automatic Kjeldahl nitrogen analyzer”, so the products developed and produced by

Kjeldahl nitrogen analyzer meet the “GB” standard and related international standards.

  • FOB Price: US $0.5 - 9,999 / Piece
  • Min.Order Quantity: 100 Piece/Pieces
  • Supply Ability: 10000 Piece/Pieces per Month
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    II.Product Features:

    1) The automatic Kjelter nitrogen analyzer without tap water is equipped with an efficient refrigeration water circulation system controlled by the nitrogen analyzer host, which is energy-saving and environmentally friendly

    2) The control system uses a 10-inch color touch screen for unified control of the “nitrogen analyzer host and refrigeration system”, without multiple switches and Settings. Convenient, simple and safe

    3) Three-level rights management, electronic records, electronic labels, and operation traceability query systems meet relevant certification requirements

    4) The standard configuration refrigeration system can save a lot of water resources for users and make the analysis data more stable

    5) Three-level rights management, electronic records, electronic labels, and operation traceability query systems meet relevant certification requirements

    6)★ System 60 minutes unmanned automatic shutdown, energy saving, safety, rest assured

    7)★ The instrument built-in protein coefficient query table for users to consult, query and participate in the system calculation, when the coefficient =1 analysis result is “nitrogen content” when the coefficient >1 analysis result is automatically converted to “protein content” and displayed, stored and printed

    8) Titration system uses R, G, B coaxial light source and sensor, wide color adaptation range, high precision

    9)★R, G, B three-color light intensity automatic adjustment system for different concentrations of sample analysis

    10) The titration speed can be arbitrarily set from 0.05ml/ s to 1.0ml/ s, and the minimum titration volume can reach 0.2ul/ step

    11) German ILS 25mL injection needle and 0.6mm lead linear motor to form a high-precision titration system

    12) The internal standard of titration liquid concentration eliminates the systematic error of the difference between human and instrument determination, and has high precision and convenience

    13) Clear installation of titration cup is convenient for users to observe the titration process and titration cup cleaning

    14) Side distillation side titration mode can save analysis time and reduce ineffective distillation electricity

    15) Distillation time is freely set from 10 seconds –9990 seconds

    16) The steam flow rate can be adjusted from 1% to 100% to apply different concentration samples

    17) Automatic discharge of waste liquid from cooking pipe to reduce labor intensity of staff

    18)★ Shut down automatic cleaning alkali pipeline to prevent pipeline blockage and ensure liquid supply accuracy

    19) Data storage can be up to 1 million for users to consult

    20)5.7CM automatic paper cutting thermal printer

    21)RS232, Ethernet, electronic balance, refrigeration system data interface

    22)★ The unique “sample weighing data automatic upload packet” does not need to record and input the weight of the sample one by one, reducing input errors and improving work efficiency

    23) The ammonia separator uses “polyphenylene sulfide” (PPS) plastic processing, which can meet the application of high temperature and alkaline working conditions (Figure 4).

    24) The steam system is made of 304 stainless steel, safe and reliable

    25) The cooler is made of 304 stainless steel, with fast cooling speed and stable analysis data

    26) Leakage protection system to ensure the safety of operators

    27) Security door and security door alarm system to ensure personal safety

    28) The missing protection system of the deboiling tube prevents reagents and steam from hurting people

    29) Steam system water shortage alarm, stop to prevent accidents

    30) Steam pot overtemperature alarm, stop to prevent accidents

    31) Steam overpressure alarm, shutdown, to prevent accidents

    32) Sample overtemperature alarm, shutdown to prevent sample temperature rise and affect the analysis data

    33) Reagent barrel, titration bottle low liquid level alarm

    34) Cooling water flow monitoring to prevent insufficient water flow caused by sample loss, affecting the analysis results.




    III.Technical Parameters:

    1) Analysis range: 0.1-240 mg N

    2) Precision (RSD) : ≤0.5%

    3) Recovery rate: 99-101%

    4) Minimum titration volume: 0.2μL/ step

    5) Titration speed: 0.05-1.0 ml/S arbitrary setting

    6) Distillation time: 10-9990 free setting

    7) Sample analysis time: 4-8min/ (cooling water temperature 18℃)

    8) Titrant concentration range: 0.01-5 mol/L

    9) Input method of titration solution concentration: manual input/instrument internal standard

    10) Titration mode: Standard/drip while steaming

    11) Titration cup volume: 300ml

    12) Touch screen: 10-inch color LCD touch screen

    13) Data storage capacity: 1 million sets of data

    14) Printer: 5.7CM thermal automatic paper cutting printer

    15) Communication interface: 232/ Ethernet/electronic balance/cooling water/reagent barrel level 16) deboiling tube discharge mode: manual/automatic discharge

    16) Deboiling tube waste discharge mode: manual/automatic discharge

    17) Steam flow regulation: 1%–100%

    18) Safe alkali adding mode: 0-99 seconds

    19) Automatic shutdown time: 60 minutes

    20) Working voltage: AC220V/50Hz

    21) Heating power: 2000W

    22) Host size: Length: 500* Width: 460* height: 710mm

    23) Temperature control range of refrigeration system :-5℃-30℃

    24) Output cooling capacity/refrigerant :1490W/R134A

    25) Refrigeration tank volume: 6L

    26) Circulation pump flow rate: 10L/min

    27) Lift :10 meters

    28) Working voltage :AC220V/50Hz

    29) Power: 850W


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