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YY025A Electronic Wisp Yarn Strength Tester

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Used for measuring strength and elongation of various yarn strands.

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Used for measuring strength and elongation of various yarn strands.

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Instruments Features

1. Color touch screen display, control, Chinese and English interface, menu operation mode,
2.Imported servo driver and motor (vector control), motor response time is short, no speed overrush, speed uneven phenomenon.
3.Ball screw, precision guide rail, long service life, low noise, low vibration.
4. Imported encoder for accurate control of instrument positioning and elongation.
5. Equipped with high precision sensor, "STMicroelectronics" ST series 32-bit MCU, 24-bit A/D converter.

Technical parameters

1. The test strength range: 0 ~ 2500N
2.The test strength minimum reading: 0.1N
3. Tensile speed of yarn hook :(100 ~ 1000) mm/min
4. Stretching speed error: ≤±2%
5. Effective distance of upper and lower yarn hook: 450mm
6. Maximum running distance of yarn hook: 210mm
7. Hook width series: 8, 12, 16, 20, 24, 28, 32
8.Output type: 5 digital display fracture strength (N)
5 digit display stretch length (mm)
Total number of tests for 3-bit digital display
9. The use of power supply :AC220V±10% 50Hz
10. Dimensions :500(L)×500(W)×1200(H)(mm)
11. Weight: about 100Kg

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