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YYP 20KN Electronic Universal Tension Machine

Short Description:

1.Features and uses:

20KN electronic universal material testing machine is a kind of material testing equipment with

domestic leading technology. The product is suitable for tensile, compression, bending, shearing, tearing, stripping and other physical properties test of metal, non-metal, composite materials and products. The measurement and control software uses Windows 10 operating system platform, graphical software interface, flexible data processing mode, modular VB programming method,

safe limit protection and other functions. It also has the function of automatic algorithm generation

and automatic editing of test report, which greatly facilitates and improves the debugging and

system redevelopment ability, and can calculate parameters such as maximum force, yield force,

non-proportional yield force, average stripping force, elastic modulus, etc. It has novel structure, advanced technology and stable performance. Simple operation, flexible, easy maintenance;

Set a high degree of automation, intelligence in one. It can be used for mechanical properties

analysis and production quality inspection of various materials in scientific research departments, colleges and universities and industrial and mining enterprises.

  • FOB Price: US $0.5 - 9,999 / Piece
  • Min.Order Quantity: 100 Piece/Pieces
  • Supply Ability: 10000 Piece/Pieces per Month
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    2.Technical parameters:

    2.1 Maximum measuring range: 20kN

    Accuracy of force value: within ±0.5% of the indicated value

    Force resolution: 1/10000

    2.2 Effective drawing stroke (excluding fixture) : 800mm

    2.3 Effective test width: 380mm

    2.4 Deformation accuracy: within ±0.5% resolution: 0.005mm

    2.5 Displacement accuracy: ±0.5% resolution: 0.001mm

    2.6 Speed: 0.01mm/min ~ 500mm/min(ball screw + servo system)

    2.7 Printing function: The maximum force value, tensile strength, elongation at break and corresponding curves can be printed after the test.

    2.8 Power supply: AC220V±10% 50Hz

    2.9 Host size: 700mm x 500mm x 1600mm

    2.10 Host weight: 240kg


    3. Describes the main functions of the control software:

    3.1 Test curve: force-deformation, force-time, stress-strain, stress-time, deformation-time, strain-time;

    3.2 Unit switching: N, kN, lbf, Kgf, g;

    3.3 Operation language: Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, English at will;

    3.4 Interface Mode: USB;

    3.5 Provides curve processing function;

    3.6 Multi-sensor support function;

    3.7 The system provides the function of parameter formula customization. Users can define parameter calculation formulas according to requirements, and edit reports according to needs.

    3.8 Test data adopts database management mode, and automatically saves all test data and curves;

    3.9 Test data can be translated into EXCEL form;

    3.10 Multiple test data and curves of the same set of tests can be printed in one report;

    3.11 Historical data can be added together for comparative analysis;

    3.12 Automatic calibration: During the calibration process, input the standard value in the menu, and

    the system can automatically realize the accurate calibration of the indicated value.



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